{ week 3 - NO spend month }

Well, I've resisted buying this, this, this and this. Because, we/I don't NEED them. I'm still on track for keeping my grocery/food expenses under my goal and not wasting food this month (but it will be close!) I've been picking flowers from our garden instead of buying flowers from the Farmers Market. I bypassed a much needed pedicure. I resisted tickets to a cool concert.

It is still strange having cash on ME and not just wiping out the Credit Card. I still automatically reach for it, but it's not there!

As I mentioned before I want to be better about holding off on purchases and thinking about them before buying them - curbing those impulse buys. I'm learning to ask myself - "Is this a product that will help simplify or organize my life?"; "Is this an item that Sam needs in order to learn and be creative?"; "If I buy this will it set us back from our goals - of purchasing solar panels, traveling and paying off school loans?"; "Am I buying this because I am bored?"

Here are some great personal finance book recommendations. I've been taking this list with ME to the library lately. Right now I'm reading Living Simply with Children and The Simple Living Guide (which my husband joked with ME doesn't seem so SIMPLE since it is 444 pages long!)

Also, here are some great tips by Frugal Dad for ways to save $ during a slow economy.

How is No Spend Month coming for all of you?


kristinc said...

you are doing great! it is weird getting used to the cash thing isn't it? we keep debating whether or not to go cash or debit card all the time.

AmyDe said...

Just found you this morning and am intrigued by the "no spending" challenge. Thanks for the idea - I'll be contemplating it as we go through the next few months and becoming REALLY aware of our money.

FitMom said...

Very interesting. Need to try it.

debbiem said...

Thanks for those great book recommendations! They sound perfect!

I am doing OKAY with my no spend month goals - It sure is harder than you think. It makes you appreciate what people with little money have to do to live.

Rachel said...

How inspiring! Waiting on purchases is such an important habit. And so much of discretionary spending is more about creating an easy form of entertainment. I had to resist clicking on the links to see what might be fun to buy!

Anonymous said...

way to go Jenny. Love the spreadsheet. I have been doing good. Actually felt quilty for buying a smoothy at my daughters soccer game for $4.00 - I was really hungry and it was the healthiest thing I could find.

Anonymous said...

i need to slow down when I type and proof read.

guilty and smoothie not quilty and smoothy. jeez, that's embarrassing.

Terina said...

been doing ok, but now and then i do buy something i shouldn't. but then things like my hair dryer stops working again. and that isn't something i am willing to not have. we do use a credit card for things because we do earn cash. at the end of last year, we had over $400 dollars that went towards our credit card. granted, we pay it off every month. but i should really start the cash thing. i think it would be helpful for me.

LobotoME said...

Hi Terina -

After this month I will probably go back to using our CC too - the whole cash thing has taught ME a lesson but is more of a pain...We have a fidelity CC so points go directly into our IRA - so we like to use our CC for that reason (but we do pay it off each month). So, I guess the question is can I go back to using a CC and still remain "conscience" of what I am buying!

J :)

LobotoME said...

Hi Denise - I was craving a smoothie the other day too! I resisted the smoothie store (barley) but made one at home - I think I've posted this recipe before but if not:
handful of mango, spinach leaves, one banana, 1 scoop of whey protein, 1 cup of ice & 1/2 cup of water. Delicious green smoothie. It is nice having someone else make one & clean it up though!

J :)

LobotoME said...

Rachel - I have NO IDEA how you are at only $57 this month. I can't even make it through a week spending that little. You are a pro at this!

J :)