{ i'm going INSANE... }

So I have been having all of these issues with blogger so today I decided to switch to wordpress...not so easy to do (and keep my archives)...so then I decided I would change my blogger template to 3 columns (I hated it), so I tried to change it back to my original template (long gone), lost all of my blog links in the process, and chose a new template. So any of you that have seen the 18 different layouts today, comments, feedback? I think I am just going to stick with this one before I lose my mind. It is just a blog afterall.
p.s. I had like a MILLION more important things to be doing today then messing with my blog...how's that for prioritizing tasks?


Anonymous said...

i think it works and you shouldn't stress anymore about it.

also, if you want to change to three columns, i can point you in the direction of a super simple tutorial.

::DANDEE:: said...

I think it looks fabulous! One could spend a week tweaking the details on a blog. Don't feel too badly about the time lost. Just be EXTRA productive tomorrow.

LobotoME said...

how come both of yours look GREAT with 3 columns? I think all of my product images made it too "busy" with 3 columns. Anyway, enough about html template editing...

thanks ladies!

xo, J :)

Ricardo Bueno said...

[Note: I found you through goodlifezen.com]

I know what you mean about having your blog design drive you insane! Before starting this new blog of mine I authored two different blogs. I had initially started on blogger much like you and it worked out well; it was easy to post. But as I got better, I looked for better design options and so I turned to typepad (which is what I'm using now).

Though I liked having moved to something independent and though I've tried to implement my own design, the process is completely and utterly time consuming and in some instances painful. It took me an entire Sunday to get things looking the way I thought I wanted them to look (alas I'm still in search of the perfect layout).

Anyway, you asked what we think about the design of your blog... I think your simple two column layout is fine. You don't have too much in your sidebar column which makes it ok. Hope that opinion helps... [Read you around later...]

nicole viola said...

I can so relate to this. As of now my family blog is still at blogger but I"ve moved my personal blog to wordpress, which I like so far.