{ procrastinating ME }

So, Sunday night in our house is not for chilling...its for getting {ready} for the week ahead...putting away laundry & dishes, getting schedules set for the week and plans made, making some food for easy, healthy lunches, clearing out the inbox, cleaning off the desks, meal planning, picking up around the house, etc. We generally begin these projects after dinner on Sunday evening. I always want to start the week of FRESH...and organized...and clean.

But, this serious eye candy & blog by Anna Maria Horner caught my attention and I just squandered away almost an hour...Bet you will too!

Photo by Anna Marie in her Flickr pool


lynnemorrison said...

I love her work and blog! I'd like to hear more about your Sunday night organization routine sometimes.
Does your husband participate?

Anonymous said...

funny, I was looking at BHG today while working out...I saw an article on her and thought...that name sounds familiar!

her work is beautiful