{ whole ME }

From an old issue of Body & Soul Magazine.

{ ten thoughts on whole living }
  1. Make space for joy in your life; let it flow through you.
  2. Life is at its most intriguing and mysterious when it's in flux.
  3. Love nourishes your soul; passion ignites it.
  4. Don't just shield your body from harm; protect and strengthen it from the inside out.
  5. Take pleasure in others' happiness, as it will augment your own.
  6. Let then season breathe new life into your home.
  7. Pain accumulates over time; healing requires patience- and a soft touch.
  8. Nurture your personal power; it's the source of your will.
  9. Create something, anything. Learn to play again.
  10. Get excited about the process, not just the outcome.
#10 really resonated with ME today. I've had lots of you email ME about NO spend month and how challenging it is and how frustrated you are about how long it will take to get your financial life in order, how long it will take to get your family out of debt, etc. What if WE start looking at whatever you are working towards as a just what it is...a process...and look at the great things we are leaning during the process. WE learning about tracking our spending; what is this process teaching ME about my values?; how can we continue to be more mindful of our spending and align it with what is important to us? How can we be patient with ourselves during this process and how can we carry forth our excitement about what participating in this process means to us TODAY?


debbiem said...

Thanks Jenny - that post did help - I think I get discouraged when I don't get instant gratification or instant results. Debbie

LobotoME said...

Hi Debbie - I am very much an instant gratification gal too - so much that I BEGGED my husband to lay down sod in our front area instead of grass!!! i didn't want to WAIT for the grass to grow! I just wanted an instant LAWN. I try to remind myself all the time that Good things come to those who wait (and have patience).

J :)