{ shamless ME }

Fun seeing MY products in stores!
ps - what are those banana things next to my display?!?!

And really happy to BE a part of the fab collections at Broadway Paper.
I got to meet Tracie & her crew at NSS this year and they are the most delightful buyers Alli & I ever met! And don't you all want to work there?
ps - Thanks Tracie for the blog love.
{oh and Alli got some luv today too!}


debbiem said...

That store looks great and I have no idea what those banana things are either!!

JW said...

How fun is that, like a proud mama - AWESOME!!

Jana :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The banana things are a game called Bananagrams - a bit like scrabble and dominoes combined, it's a great game for the family.

Again, many good wishes to you - what a great accomplishment.

-Elizabeth M.

Stephanie said...

How rewarding! Good for you...