{ Hello ME, welcome to summer }

Hi June! So glad to have you here! I love the bright, shiny sun in the morning and the fact that it doesn't get dark until so late in the evening. I loved being outside all weekend - working on the garden; jumping on the trampoline with Samme; & riding our bikes around.

So, now that we are almost 1/2 way through the year, I thought it was a good time to check in with ME about my 2008 goals. How are they coming along? Have things fallen by the wayside? I know some of mine have...The ones with "x" are going well or progress has been made!

:: Family ::

x : To be a patient, imaginative, & mindful MOM everyday. --- It has really been helping ME to schedule in time each day for un-interrupted play time with Sam and to remember that she is only this age ONCE (oh and what a FUN age!!).
x : Play more. Work Less. More 3 day weekends! --- I'm getting better at this & hope more improvements will continue.
x : Spend less. Make gifts. Do more. --- Yes, I am doing better about spending less and saving more but it is still challenging not to whip out the CC.
x : Adopt another child...putting it out there to the universe! --- We are currently # 19 on the waitlist and I wrote a story about our process here.

:: Personal ::

: Do something everyday (hiking, biking, running, yoga....just something!) ** This needs work still! I am using my Fit ME notepad this week and have workouts scheduled everyday! Today is Cardio Sculpt class with Julie!
x : Plan & prepare healthy meals daily. --- I don't buy junk food. Never have. Never will. We eat healthy - I aim to mix it up a bit more and try new recipes. Sometimes I just stick with the same things over & over.
x : Plan & take time for ME everyday. --- I am good at this. Each day this week, I have ME-Time scheduled - sometimes that is my workout time for the day, but other fun things get added too - like going to see a movie with girlfriends on Thursday night.

:: Environment ::

x : Recycle everything & anything - think beyond paper, glass, plastic & aluminum.
: Save $ for solar panels for house so we can be completely off the grid. --- In progress.

:: Career ::

x : Successful NSS Tradeshow/Launch new products at NSS. Did It! So glad that its over though! :)
x : LobotoME in MORE stores in 08! --- its happening!
x : Successful & efficient Gravity Play event season. --- It's underway. Still some streamlining to go, but getting there.

Anyway, I hope you find that you are making progress with some of your goals and if not, what can you do TODAY, to get back on track? Or do some of them need adjusting - they are your goals, change them, mix them up if you need to. And if you need even further inspiration, check out Simple Moms tips for creating a new habit in just 30 days.


debbiem said...

love the resolution update & cute pic of your reminder to yourself! i need to get ON my resolutions today too!

lisa said...

I think you are doing great! I need to get on the fitness thing too!