{ random brain musings }

Check out these adorable pre-designed seed packets from Modish.

Some LobotoME love on Todays Homemaker and the Lil Bee.

The most ridiculous use of $123,000 EVER. I think I'll go with this instead.

Some great eat smart to shape up tips from Gabby Reece.

Check out Jana rocking it on her mountain bike! You go girl!

A really cute blog I have been enjoying. I've been really into the live simply motto lately (and blogs that help me figure out how to keep doing that). De-cluttering, buying less, spending less, organizing more, playing outside more.

How is that for a random list? My brain is still not functioning at 100% post NYC trip. Can you tell? This weekends plans include: working on the garden, a trip to the farmers market, dinner with friends (fish taco night), and yoga class!

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JW said...

You are so kind, thanks for the shout out - YES, I do like to ride my bike down hill, up hill, around the block - it makes me happy!! :)