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Pantry photo via Flickr.

It's funny - so many of you think that I (and my house) are super organized because of my business. While, I do find that I am pretty organized (and I do enjoy organizing projects), you clearly haven't seen my kitchen junk drawers (count: 3), my closets or my garage.

It can certainly feel overwhelming to start a project. Here are some tips on where to start with home organization projects. And here are some tips on creating a home organization binder to keep all of your household paperwork organized.

This past week we worked on our garage - a place to store things but it has never held an actual vehicle. It has 6 bikes; a raft; kayaks; business supplies; a table saw; a wagon; a sandbox we still haven't put together; 14 gardening pots; etc. but no car. It still has a long way to go before a car will ever fit in there but we took a huge truckload of items to the Salvation Army; took another load of recycling to the recycling center; 2 huge garbage bags of trash; and listed one bike and old scuba gear on craigslist. It feels so good to get rid of stuff we no longer need/use. Here are some tips on how to go about decluttering from Simple Mom {I am loving her blog right now.}

What's your biggest organizational project on your to do list?

Oh and some people have been asking me what I do with my weekly momME planner? Do I leave it on my desk, do I bring it with ME, etc.? I either tuck it into my wallet - if I don't have loads of other paperwork to cart around with ME (see pic below) or I put it on a clipboard with other paperwork and put it in my bag. Sometimes, if I have just one or 2 errands and then am coming right home, it stays on my desk, but I'd say the majority of the time it is with ME. I do know people who have whole-punched them and put them in a cute binder too. Next year's new product will most likely be a smaller, spiral bound organizeME planner with the mantra poster as the cover - a more portable version.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I am going to like that spiral bound version planner for taking on the go.

glad you are liking SimpleMom.net, i know I am.

is that your cupboard?

JW said...

Thanks for the simplemom website tip, I'm checking it out - you are right, our garages are the same. Marshall and I have 6 bikes too and now one for each kid. ha ha plus a half dozen surfboards, tools etc... We are on the same page. Last week we took a room every day and literally CLEANED house setting aside so much for an upcoming garage sale, good will etc. and am on the intention to live simply - reduce reuse recycle and overhauling everything - finances, bills, insurance you name it! :) Thanks for all the good info and for keeping ME sane! :)

debbiem said...

great tips! I'm lovin Simple Mom website too and lots of how to live simply tools, blogs, etc.
thanks for the tips! TGIF!

Denise Lee said...

Love the blog, and your comments on your garage-cleaning project made me think of a product I just saw at the NAPO conference: tote trak.
Think about those wire tracks that fit under the cabinets to hold wine glasses by their base. Now imagine those tracks big enough to hold those plastic totes we all use to store our stuff in. Simple and effective! You can mount the tracks on the ceiling or on the walls (so the totes slide in on their sides relative to the floor). You can use any tote. Versatile! You can get your stuff off the floor and still get to it easily.