{ first annual kids day }

So, yesterday we did everything sam wanted to do! We...
- spent awhile (& many one dollar bills) at the photo booth!
- went swimming at the rec center
- had lunch together at a cute sandwich/smoothie place
- dropped off goods at the thrift store
- picked up new books at the library
- went on a hike in the woods near our house
- made healthy brownies (without sugar!) - will post recipe soon.
- snuggled in bed & watched this and ate popcorn before bed.


Jessica said...

Very fun...I've done this before too and it's great.

Anonymous said...

good times and good memories!

debbiem said...

those pics are so cute - especially the one that just has the baby doll in it!

JW said...

What a great idea, your day sounded fun, I'll have to plan a kids day soon....