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So, I've been using the RescueTime computer tracking software for a few days...I can't recall where I heard about it but I think it might have been Tim Ferris's Four Hour Work Week blog. It's called RescueTime and it is a tool to measure how you’re spending your time on the computer. To get started you simply:
  • Download and install a small application on your local computer(s).
  • Establish an account at the RescueTime web site.
  • Work as normal.
RescueTime works in the background, tracking the applications you use and the web sites you visit. Every twenty minutes, it sends this information to the web and sends you a weekly update.

Additionally, RescueTime allows you to set goals for how you want to spend your time. For example, you could choose to have a goal of "I want to spend 5 hours per day on stuff tagged as 'work'," or you could have a goal of "I want to spend less than 1 hour per day on stuff tagged as 'blogs.'

While the internet is an amazing tool, your time is too. I hope this will help me make wise choices.

I wanted to do this because I feel like some time I get "sucked" into reading blogs, news, etc. when I have many more things to be doing (like playing with Sam, exercising or working). I thought it would be good to take a look at what sites I'm spending time at and which ones I need to pass up (pop sugar, you are one that I must stop reading).

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