{ i'm so lucky to be YOUR mom samme }

Today, Sam said, "Mama, you know what comes after Mother's Day? KID's DAY!" So tomorrow, my sweet Samme is our first annual {Kid's Day} ~~ all day long I will do whatever you want to do ~ go swimming, have a picnic, have 37 tea parties, whatever you want. I will not turn on the computer, return emails or prep for the show. I will not clean the house. Because today, I feel very, very lucky to be YOUR mom and tomorrow I will show you how important you are to ME! (and remember that everyday has to be a {kid's day} to a certain degree!)


debbiem said...

happy mother's day jenny! and i luv the kids day plan!!!

amber said...

so fuuny to read this - all day on Mother's Day my daughter Ruby felt like it was unfair that it was just my day, so she too, planned "Kid Day" the next day. I tried to explain that everyday really is kid's day, but I fell for it of course, how could I not?