{ thou shalt not covet.. }

Easier said then done when it comes to IKEA.

Oh, Ikea, why oh why can't you come to Colorado?

Because I covet
and this and this and this and this
and this.


Anonymous said...

do I dare tell you that I live only 15 minutes away from an IKEA?

sorry...at least you are saving money : )

LobotoME said...

I am so jealous but yes I do save money living 8+ hours from the nearest one in SLC or phoenix. Both places I look for excuses to go too just for IKEA. I remember when we were in SLC after that IKEA was built and having never been to one I was estatic. I told Will, it's off of the interstate near Exit such and such. He's like, those are the only directions you have? I felt foolish for about 2 minutes until I SAW THE HUGE BLUE/YELLOW BUILDING THE SIZE OF 10 SUPER TARGETS PUT TOGETHER. I said, there it is honey and he said I am SO NOT GOING IN THAT STORE. I said yes you are! 4 hours later and god knows how much $ later we exited out the front door!

carolyn said...

love all of these ikea finds!

Stephanie said...

I bought those little canisters from IKEA for the Spring Swap. Looking back, I should've purchased one for myself too! Next time...