{ the creative family }

It finally arrived - my pre-ordered copy of The Creative Family by Amanda Soule! I can't wait to dive into this book & projects.

In Amanda's words...
"When you learn to awaken your family's creativity, wonderful things will happen: you'll make meaningful connections with your children in large and small ways; your children will more often engage in their own creative discoveries; and your family will embrace new ways to relax, play, and grow together. With just the simple tools around you — your imagination, basic art supplies, household objects, and natural materials — you can transform your family life, and have so much more fun!"


Anonymous said...

if you read "my thoughts" post, you will see I wrote about Soulemama.

I am happy to report, that yesterday unplanned my daughter and I made a little quilt together for her baby with things that we had around the house. She did most of the work even used the sewing machine and it was quite fun!

LobotoME said...

Hi Denise! I'm behind in my blogroll reading....way way behind. going to head over to your site tonight and catch up on your spring detox!

you will really love this book, the creative family...for a lot of reasons. and yes, i sometimes think - i wish i could be more like amanda - a homeschooling mom who takes nature walks with her kids each day. SO important to remember that we are ALL DOING THE BEST WE CAN!!! And NO ONE is perfect! :)

debbiem said...

Can't wait to read this too! my local bookshop just ordered it!

Sarah said...

Amanda is an inspiring mom ... definitely good to remember that no mom is perfect and we are all amazing moms in our own right! Can't wait to check out her book!!
xo sarah

carolyn said...

i can't wait to get this book - quality family time together, so key.