{ 32 years young }

Yup, today I turn 32! When did that happen?!? Sometimes I feel like I am still in my twenties - figuring out who I am; who I want to be. And then BAM I'm reminded that I am in my thirties - 32 years young!

I've got a perfect birthday planned - Bike ride & lunch with Will & Sam, yoga class and then a massage at the spa with my friend Jamie who has a bday tomorrow and then dinner with friends & family.

Leave me a comment and tell me how YOUNG I look and I might pick you for a fab prize package of 32 of my favorite things! Yup, I am bribing you to boost my self-esteem! :-) A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

* Thanks for all of your sweet comments - you know how to make a girl feel GOOD! The winner is Lovely Lindsay who almost shares the same birthday as ME! Lindsay - email me your mailing address!


JW said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!! :) LOL I've never met you in person but from your posts and e-mails I KNOW that you will always be YOUNG, it's in your soul because you ENJOY life, I see it in your smile and it is very contagious!! May you have a year full of wonderful.

Jana :)

debbiem said...

You do look younger than 32 and I'm not just saying that to win a prize!

Have a great day!

strollermama said...

You do look like you are in your twenties, so lovely. I am turning 35 this week and time goes by too fast. Enjoy every minute. Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to my BFF!!!!!
You are SO OLD today and I can't believe I hve made friends with someone SO MUCH OLDER than moi!! LOL

Happy Birthday Jenny! I wish I was there to give you a big hug and sign a rounding edition of Happy Birthday now that I've gotten my voice back, maybe the girls and I will treat you later.

By the way, I am TOTALLY taking you up on that spa week next year...let's pick a week soon and cross it off both our calendars!


Maureen said...

oh my gosh...you look younger than you did on the day we graduated high school! (don't you think, lisa?)

have a wonderful wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I was going to do that even before I read to do so! (really).

You look fabulous and fun - what a great Birthday day plan. Hope you enjoy every second of it!

Kristina said...

You look so young in that picture, it could be mistaken for a picture of Will with his YOUNGER sister and his daughter.(:

Its all about how young you feel on the inside, not how "old" you are! Sometimes I feel like I am still in High School, I know I act like it sometimes too!

Happy Birthday Jenny! I truly enjoy reading your blog and learning from what you have to say. I hope the spa day was a blast!

carolyn said...

You do look great! Not a wrinkle that I can see! Hope you had a great day!

lovely lindsay said...

my birthday was yesterday and i'm not really sure how old i am anymore. if i do the math... it's 27. but i'm pretty sure i've missed a year.
twenty five. forever twenty five. wouldn't that be great?!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You do look young!

Anonymous said...

that last comment was from me jesse!

lovely lindsay said...

me? really?!

LobotoME said...

Yes, YOU Lindsay! Happy Birthday to you too!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, you + your family are too cute.

::DANDEE:: said...

How did I miss this?! Happy belated birthday Jenny! I hope it was as wonderful as you are!