{ candycane cookies }

My friend Maureen over at Splashes & Splurges is offering up free Trader Joe's Candy Cane cookies in exchange for your LIST...a list of anything your heart desires so your stomach can desire more of these.


carolyn said...

I love lists! I'll send her one - Just have to think of a good one - maybe my favorite things to eat list!

lisag said...

Jenny - Did you do a list? Can you share it?

LobotoME said...

Of course I sent her a list! The nearest traders joes is 4 hours away from Durango, Colorado! I would have gladly sent her 10 of my lists if that's what it takes to get my TJ's FIX! :)
10 things about me list here:

Hurry, hurry--- only the first 5 get the goods!

LobotoME said...

3 lists posted at splashes & splurges...not too late to submit your list.

J :)