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Thought I'd share LobotoME's brainisms with you in case you haven't seen them on the website yet...It is kind of our creed or rather our beliefs that inspire our products and business practices and daily life.

we believe life shouldn’t be hard.
We believe life should be filled with laughter, love and play.
We believe that if you take care of yourself you & those around you will be more sane.
We believe that if you practice yoga you won’t go insane.
We believe that energy flows where attention goes.
We believe that if you eat breakfast everyday your brain & body will function better.
We believe in the importance of buying locally and supporting green businesses.
We believe in global warming.
We believe that soda & sugar cause weird brain synapses.
We believe that love & beauty are everywhere.
We believe that if you exercise regularly you won’t need heart surgery or brain surgery.
we believe that no one other than yourself can determine your destiny.
Remember, you only live once and we don’t want you to have a lobotomy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have so much responsibility. People just talk, talk, talk. They never actually help anyone. They never use their bare hands to save a person from going crazy. We have that responsibility. Somebody has to do it. It turns out to be us. We’ve got to do, and we can do it with a smile, not with a long face.”


Anonymous said...

Those are great!

carolyn said...

yes, those are great words and practices to live by!

have a good day!

- C

lisag said...

I love your brainisms! Have a great weekend! cheers, lisa