{quick look back}

Happy New Year to you all from my family and me! But, before we get too far into 2012 I realized that I wanted to take a quick second to let you know what I was thankful for in 2011. So here are my 11 thankful moments from 2011.

1. Celebrating the twins' 3rd birthday. I'm thankful for everyday with them!

2. Celebrating my 5th anniversary with my husband. We didn't get to take that trip to New Orleans, but we'll get there soon!

3. Having our Baskin Robbins next to a doughnut shop. If they had not come in at 4am to make the doughnuts, who knows how much damage the fire would have done.

4. No one was hurt during the fire. Buildings can be (and were) rebuilt.

5. Getting this opportunity with lobotoME. If I didn't have such an amazing support group, I never could have pulled this off.

6. FaceTime!! I love that my kids can talk to their grandparents so easily. Which reminds me, we need to do this again tomorrow. We even talked to my mom when she was in Paris celebrating her 60th birthday!

7. Aggies win the Meineke Car Care Bowl!! Hey, it's a big deal to us Aggies. :-)

8. Getting to see so many family members over the holidays. Not everyone made it this year, but I'm thankful for the ones who did.

9. Being able to leave a job that made me unhappy, and doing it on my terms. I knew I needed to leave for awhile, but didn't want to jump to another job that would be more of the same. I knew I needed out of the office.

10. Discovering my CSA. I can't honestly say that no food has been wasted, but we're getting better. Looking forward to the spring season.

11. Ending the year with a family full of healthy people. Even my 84 year-old grandparents are still going strong and coming with us to Disney World!

image by October Dawn

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