{getting it in order}

I've really tried to spend January getting everything in order. From my house, to my workout plan, to my businesses. My accomplishments so far have been cleaning out one box from our bedroom (baby steps?), learning how to count drawers at our Baskin Robbins, starting my P90X/Turbo Fire hybrid (and creating a separate blog for it) and brainstorming new products with my husband.

I did make a meal plan for this week, but my hubby kept bringing home meat that he wanted to cook, so alterations have been made. I really wanted to make these mini meatloafs, but it might have to wait till next week. I did make this mango chicken and it was delish! We ate it over quinoa, but I would recommend it as part of a salad (hubby doesn't do salads).

Amidst all that, this is what I'm reading now:

I am newly in love with this blog, and found this post at exactly the right moment.

I pre-ordered this book and still haven't started it. I had signed up for the online Jump Start, and just started that yesterday. It's already changed my entire perspective... there are no words!!

This post both scares me and reassures me that there are good teachers out there. We just registered the twins for Pre-K 4, and I am so nervous and overwhelmed about their upcoming educational journey.

I'm also dying to try this if for no other reason that it's cited to someone in my hometown of Corpus Christi!!

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Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That books looks great. I am going to have to check it out.