Now that it's official, I just wanted to take a quick minute to say hi! I'm Jill and I'm the new owner of LobotoME! I'm so excited meet everyone and share my adventures as I ditch the corporate world for working from home, more time with my kids and maybe learning to cook??

First, allow me to tell you a little about myself. Yes, the two cuties above are my kids. They are three year-old twins Gabriel and Debra. They are all things sweet and difficult at the same time. I'm looking forward to introducing them to a less frazzled mommy who is not always running to work, late picking them up at daycare or shuffling them off to bed so I can open my laptop.

I also have a loving and supportive husband named Shawn. Together we own a Baskin Robbins and are preparing to open a second location. Our store was doing fantastic until we had a minor setback in the form of a small fire. Luckily, the damage is not as bad as the news makes it out, but we'll still probably be closed till October. Did I mention this happened the morning after I left my corporate job? Not the best timing!

In my spare time, I also run a Beachbody business. I love the idea of helping people reach their weightloss and fitness goals. I'm hoping that I'll be better equipped to this as I take more control of my schedule.

For now, I look forward to sharing my adventures as I learn to manage my time, build a successful home business or two, organize my house and take more control of the things that happen at home. Starting with... a meal plan for the week.

I know we all with Jenny the best of luck putting on races and enjoying life after LobotoME. I'm sure we'll be hearing from her soon!

As a final note, as the tenth anniversary of 9-11 is upon us, I can't help but worry about the time when my kids will start to ask about this tragedy or the subsequent war. I'm saving this post to help me know how to talk to them.


Jenny said...

Hi Jill! Welcome to the blog! You'll do great!! Hope you have a great weekend ~ J :)

Wilcox Family said...

Hi Jill! Congratulations on all of your new adventures. I am a lover of LobotoME and look forward to continuing to follow the blog and support LobotoME. Wishing you much success!!


Hands Free Mama said...

Hi Jill! I am a recent follower of LobotoMe. Many of your interests coincide with mine. I can't wait to read more!