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So this describes my Sunday... More about that in a minute. I wanted to post a picture my son took of me. He just grabbed my camera and said "I want to take a picture of you!" Unfortunately my camera isn't working right now, but still. How sweet is that? I love that my twins are still at that age where they run to me when I walk in the door and want goodnight kisses. What will I do when that goes away?

So, I've been meaning to post for the last, well, since my last post! It turns out that taking over a new business while taking care of twin three year-olds is a little time consuming. Especially with your hubby a little preoccupied with getting our store reopened (still don't have a date) and trying to find a location for our second store (I think we have it!!). I'm hoping to get into a rhythm with the business side of my life this week, and maybe by the end of the weekend I'll get a home schedule??

This weekend was a little hectic with the hubby being out of town for most of it, but I did manage to bake these. YUM. I already use PB2 in my Shakeology, but now I suspect I'll be baking with it more too!

The only problem with my timing was that I baked them on Sunday and Monday I started the Turbo Fire Inferno Plan!! It's a 5 day plan (comes with Turbo Fire) and includes some serious cardio and a very specific meal plan. I'm hoping that 5 days of good workouts and healthy eating will get my body used to eating this way again. I must nix some of these sweet cravings! It's not a lot of food, but I'm not starving either, like I would be with a cleanse or a fast. For example, Day 1 breakfast includes 2 pieces of toast, a scrambled egg, a slice of turkey bacon & half a tomato. Last night we had chicken and broccoli with Parmesan cheese for dinner. Delicious!

So, all I want to get done this week is organize my inventory, decide what to sell in our neighborhood yard sale, clean our guest room for my cousin & his wife's visit and take my kids to the zoo. You know, in addition to normal "work" stuff. {sigh}

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