{ on my mind }

1. Great road tripping with kids tips.
2. Based upon this Henry is going to be at least 6'5'' - which is a very good thing because all he wants to do is play basketball. But this also means he likely will be taller than me by age 7.
3. Very interesting.
4. Handy Household tips.
5. Hilarious.
6. Going to make these this week.
7. And can we all give a big {amen} for this article.
8. Last week spent fighting off a nasty cold so didn't work out except for hot yoga class last night - I thought I'd sweat it out of me. Remains to be seen whether that was smart or not. Planning on getting some big road bike rides in this week (fingers crossed) and lots more yoga. Four weeks til the big race. Ouch.

Hope you all have a great week! GO!

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Emily said...

holy smokes that calculator says my daughter will be 6' and my son will be 6'3". Now I REALLY want them to stay little :)

Hope you are feeling better soon. Do you like Hot Yoga? I hear good things about it but am intimidated to try it.