{ green ME }

Like last year, a little leprechaun came to our house and left the kiddos little green suitcases filled with green treats (healthy snacks, garden seeds, art supplies, etc.) For breakfast I made the kids a rainbow fruit plate which they gobbled up and green juice and Samme got a leprechaun sandwich & rainbow fruits & veggies for lunch along with a chocolate gold coin for a treat! Afterschool we will make rainbows with Henry (he loves gluing things). This is also a cute St. Patrick's Day Rainbow craft that we've made before. Dinner will be green pasta, spinach, peas, salad with all green veggies and green tea icecream for dessert. If I didn't have to work today (which I do & should be doing right now instead of blogging, I'd bake this cake for dessert!)

As they say in Ireland, "Go mbeire muid beo aran am seo aris!" May we all be alive and well, this time next year!

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Anonymous said...

i love these little leprechun packages jenny!!

we had a visit from the little guy ourselves ... he sprinkled shamrocks from their beds out to the kitchen with little pots of gold, necklaces and hats along they way. at the table were st pats tshirts and kitchy stuff. they had a blast!

definitely doing it again next year!! and i may add your cute package idea!