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1. Very interested in these studies here and here about anti-cancer diets.
2. Samme loves this.
3. A great round-up of toddler boy activities...I've found that in some ways its harder to come up with things for Henry to do than it was for Sam... Anyway, this list from Marta is great.
4. Still have a few things up on Ebay.
5. Exceeded my Livestrong Fundraising Goal for the big bike ride in May. Thanks for all of your support! But its not too late to donate...The more money raised for cancer research the better!
6. Love all of the items in this shop. But, the spending hiatus has commenced. So no cute things for Samme. And no cute shoes for Mommy.
7. Somehow a little girl in this house is turning SEVEN soon. I am speechless as to how this has happened. She wants a sleepover with some of her friends in lieu of a traditional birthday party. So, these invitations and these sleeping bags will do... Dinner, Cake, Crafts, Movie, Popcorn, Pancake Breakfast + Fun. Simple fun. Well, as simple as 4 girls spending the night at our house will be! :)
8. The menu this week...Not sure yet. I think I'm going to just try & use up some of what we've got and be creative. I went to the grocery store a MASSIVE number of times in February due to company, trips, celebrations, etc. We also went MASSIVELY over budget. So simple meals this week.
9. Can't wait for this yoga festival this summer...Kris Carr is the keynote speaker! Who wants to go with ME?
10. Tomorrow, the Spending Fast Begins...more tomorrow!

Have a great week! GO!

Picture above of LobotoME goods!

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Anonymous said...

you are tempting me with that yoga conference. What a great line-up!!