{ 2011: the year of happy to be ME }

"Live well, laugh often, and may your heart be filled with the beauty in each day."- Unknown

I declare 2011, my 35th year as the "Happy To Be ME Year!"

There will be no grand resolutions pertaining to making $1,000,000 or paying off the mortgage in a one year time frame; there will be no pressure to lose that lingering 5 lbs or compete in a fitness competition or a marathon (when I really hate to run more than 5 miles); there will be no proclamations that I will have LobotoME notepads in all countries of the world by the end of the year. There will be no resolutions to never drink another diet coke again, because I will fail and feel guilty. But I do drink loads of organic green juice daily and that must counter-act the negative rusting my organs experience with the occasional diet coke, right?

But there will be lots of FUN! This is going to be a year of FUN. Fun with fitness. Fun with food. Fun with family. Fun with work. Fun at home. Fun traveling and fun adventures. Just plain old FUN. Because life is grand.

So, while I do have goals (because I am Jenny afterall) and while we are still working towards our families goals (these include things like no working Friday afternoon until Monday morning - I'm taking back my weekends from work people; paying off our mortgage early; and traveling more) I personally will not be putting any more pressure on myself than my natural Aries, Type- A personality already does. It appears this may be a trend for 2011...non-goals.

What are your goals or non-goals for this year? Do share. And remember, have FUN!

ps - This is a picture of my darling daughter. Isn't is awesome?


Anonymous said...

sounds like a PERFECT 2011 to me jenny!!

Anonymous said...

I deliberately eased off on myself last year...this year I'm setting the bar quite high....although I'm really trying to have fun on the way.

Have a brilliant 'fun' year Jenny!

Anonymous said...

yes, the picture is perfect for this post!! Here's to more fun!!