{ on my mind + menu }

1. Love this quote. "I bless my home with love. I put love in every corner, & my home lovingly responds with warmth & comfort. I am at peace." ~Louise Hay

2. Love my new little holiday bunting flags from Dandee Designs pictured above my sink (in the picture above).

3. Not loving all of the shipping that needs to happen. Can't everyone just be done with their Christmas shopping in November so I can relax in December?!?! {I am however appreciative of the support + business, I just wish that these orders would come in November or January instead of my FAVORITE month of the year!} Speaking of which, its not too late, but get your orders in ASAP!

4. Love this post...What Christmas is not about from ManvsDebt.

5. Loving my new wallet from Delight.com! It has space for everything, including my Check ME shopping list, coupons, etc. It's pricey but it is so well designed I'm quite certain it will last forever.

6. Don't forget to take care of yourself during the holiday craziness...drink water, get plenty of sleep, fit in some exercise daily, eat healthy, etc.

7. Love this article about finding time to get on your yoga mat amidst the craziness of the everyday...

And lest you think my kitchen is always this tidy, I leave you with this... what it looked like mid-baking this weekend! Keeping it real people. :)


Dawn said...

Love that lululemon manifesto poster! I have it posted on the inspiration board in my craft room.

karen★ said...

Hello Jenny! I feel like I'm missing out on your life when I don't get on my computer....so I am here to catch up! Your little kitchen is so cute...& the flags look perfect! That quote is perfect...absolutely perfect.