{ all is calm, all is bright }

My goal was to enjoy the holidays and to simplify, simplify, simplify. I'm glad my plan is working. I've had to let a few things go (a blanket I was going to sew for Henry with basketball fabric, some of the advent activities (which I may do away with all together next year), a few holiday gatherings, saying no thanks to afterschool playdates and keeping the kids home more (baking cookies in the kitchen with me). The simple decorating is finished, the minimal shopping done. I'm exercising, eating well and trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I laid in bed the other night after the kids went to bed and watched Eclipse, ate popcorn and relaxed. I'm getting orders out as quickly as I can but I'm not stressing about it. On busy shipping days (which are more often than not), I'm ordering healthy take-out and that's okay. We eat at the table with the twinkle lights shining and being thankful for the food on the table (home cooked or not). We delivered neighbor gifts this past weekend and teacher gifts on Monday. Stocking stuffers are purchased and tucked away. I'll just have some last minute Santa things to do on Christmas Eve.

What can you let go of to be able to enjoy the holidays a bit more this year?

I'm signing off from this space for a bit to spend as much time with family. Wishing you all a merry + bright holiday season with those you love. xoxo ~ jenny

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