{ on my mind + menu }

Now that I survived the insanity of the past month, here are some things I'd like to do this month and some things that are on my mind + menu...

1. Do this and this.
2. Make this and this and these.
3. Start working on holiday photo albums for grandparents.
4. Get some of these to organize my pantry pre-holiday baking.
5. Start making holiday lists...time to get organized for the holiday chaos! :)
6. Love, love, love this chalkboard table.
7. Love everything about this company, 31 bits. I think a large part of my holiday shopping will be done with them...and it makes me really, really want to go to Africa.
8. Wear My new boots. Look at the colored zipper on the back. Adorable...
9. The ME pad on Cool Mom Picks.
10. Firefly Handmade brainstormed up by my dear friend Alli....all of you Colorado peeps, mark it in your calendars! I'm hoping to be there with holiday bells on!
11. Order holiday cards...these are my favorite!
12. Thank you all for your generous donations to the Kenyan orphanage! They were rolling in all last week from my friends across the country! You guys all ROCK. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.

What's on your mind or menu this week?

Photo from our race this past weekend from Todd Newcomer Photography

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Anonymous said...

those enchiladas do look good!