{ check, check }

1. Halloween costumes ready to go. Check.
2. Website re-design. 90% Check.
3. National Championship Race productions underway. Check.
4. TCS orders shipped. Check. Check.
5. Halloween party stuff for Samme's class ready to go (healthy zucchini muffins; pencil, notebook & jokes as goodies for her classmates; decorations, activities). Check.
6. Post race Halloween party decor, costumes + plans. Check. Check.
7. House a wreck. Check.
8. Kids halloween goody bags. Check.
9. I think I've given myself an ulcer. Check. Check.
10. 6 loads of laundry done, but not put away. Check.

I'm beat. Whooped. But must keep going. GO! But next week, I will sleep. For days....

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