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1. Great fridge stocking for fall tips here.
2. Love Prana's new fall line, especially this. I'm trying to resist.
3. Love Gabby's {Get After It} game plan for the week. That's what I try to do with my momME planner each week.
4. Love this post entitled "Let's do something Extraordinary This Weekend." Last weekend we had a fun weekend of zip lining, date night, hiking, fall festivals, and more. And next weekend a visit to a cool canyon and sledding down the sand at this National Park is in the works. What fun plans do you have in the works?
5. I like how she provides an Action Item for each day's meal plan. Genuis, no?
6. My No Spend Month in September didn't go great. Not terribly. But I can certainly do better. So with that I try again. October is No Spend Month....again. Oh, you want to know what I bought that wasn't necessary. Hmmm... Let's start with these boots. Come on, I live in Colorado. I NEED them. Then there were the 4 Halloween costumes that I bought instead of made. Then, the romper. Oh, I had already confessed to that. Anyway, ONWARD we go.
7. Speaking of shopping, am I the only person who has already started with Holiday planning? Aiming for as simple + homemade of a holiday as possible.
8. Love this article...5 Ways to Avoid a Drama Filled Life.
9. This situation is still haunting me. Why oh why can't we all just be KIND to each other?
10. And I've been trying to learn this dance. Why? Because I think it would be hilarious to know how to do this.
11. This pantry pictured above (well, the whole home) makes me hyperventilate. I AM IN LOVE with a pantry. Swoon.
12. Love these halloween downloads (blank notes) + halloween lunch box jokes.
13. And this week we will be making these and these.

image via designsponge/emersonmade


Anonymous said...

I saw that pantry awhile ago and have been drooling ever since : )

have a great week.
p.s. - love gabby's site

LKP said...

hey hey hey! apparently you survived the zip-lining without any contusions or concussions. kudos to you! ;)
agreed on #7. totally something in my brain right now and my hubby thinks i'm nuts! lol. he may be right.
same on #11 as well. another friend posted about this pantry too, and i'll admit that i've added it to my kitchen remodel plans!
have a glorious week!

amy said...

Are you a climber? I saw prana on your list! Love. I miss climbing. I used to teach climbing pre-kids for years. Fun times.
:) amy

amy said...

Are you a climber? Saw prana. Brings back memories. I taught rock climbing pre kids for years. I loved it. I miss it. Good times!!!!