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1. So, this week I started Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method - its essentially 1 1/2 hours a day of workouts (7 days a week) and clean & healthy eating for 30 days. I'm giving it a GO! So far so good. In hindsight though, I'm not sure October is the smartest month to do this with the plethora of Halloween Candy EVERYWHERE. BE strong Jenny. Be strong. :) Anyway, I'm not following her 30 day bootcamp to a tee (I still like to run a few times a week, I might go on a few bike rides and Wednesday nights I am not cooking up some complicated braised red snapper recipe. One because I'm not a huge fish fan and 2) we get home late those evenings and its just not going to happen). But, my goal is to MOVE each day this month. To work it. Like I WAS doing during the winter with p90x. MOVE IT GIRL.

2. I'm thankful for date night tonight. We both agree we need it. I've been a bit crabby all week and I'm not sure why. Probably just tired from these workouts and NO CHOCOLATE or WINE. I guess that would make anyone crabby, no? Oh lord, does #1 above mean I can't have wine on our date night? I might be a cheap date tonight. Anyway, we are hitting up the new ZIP LINE in town for our date night followed up by dinner. Adventurous, no? I of course would be happy browsing a bookstore, eating sushi and lounging around the coffee shop apres dinner but, I did marry Mr. Adventure. That's how we ROLL folks.

3. Been thinking a lot about this little tidbit from Kris Carr's weekly Love List... "I am grateful for friends who honor my boundaries and give me space to grow and heal and love and fall and disappoint and love and be. Folks who demand too much of my energy get phased out. I send them love but don’t return the emails." I feel like I am also in the process of phasing some people out...mostly people with negative energy but also people that don't understand that when I have ONE HOUR free a day I prefer to be myself or with my darling family. At first I thought I was maybe being mean, but no, what I am doing is honoring MYSELF.

PS - Where did September go?

Over + Out my friends. Have a great weekend!


LKP said...

kudos on the 30 day challenge. you're a strong woman. and p90x?!? whew. i know a ton of people who are or have done that. just curious why p90x then, but instead this other challenge now? i haven't done either, but have been intrigued in the p90x....so i'm interested to hear your thoughts is all. (:

also, love date night! ours will be a local HS football game. not complaining, cause that's where i'd like to go. but man a zip-line sure sounds fun! luckeeee.....

as for your #3, i love it. that quote is fantastic and sooooo puts a ton of my thoughts lately into perspective. really says what i've been thinking. there are certain individuals i used to be extremely close with a couple years ago, that i've had to cut off cause they were starting to commandeer my free time which = my family's time too. not fun. i also felt guilty for being mean. but that's not the case at all. you have to protect your family, and sometimes that means we have to cut some ties. same here, i'm cordial to them when i see them about, but we don't hang anymore. i sadly had to block them on my fb wall cause it was too much all the time. so i feel ya. i may borrow that quote and place it on my blog.....thinking about it anyhow.

have a marvelous time tonight, and enjoy your weekend!

LobotoME said...

thanks for your great note LKP...

my husband & i did p90x this winter together for a few months. it is butt kicking. and a good one to do with a husband. i still can't do a pull-up - an essential piece of their upper body workouts but i just need to mix it up. i go through p90x phases, i go through running phases, i go through biking phases, lately i've been on a tracy anderson kick. there are tons of you tube video workouts of hers if you want to try it out for free before buying the book or a dvd.

hope you have a great weekend too!


karen★ said...

~i love it when you use GO! in big letters...it makes me want to cheer you on & then cheer myself on!

~date night! i've never had wine, & i'm a pretty happy kid, so it must be the lack of chocolate. i really really want to do that zip line. really really. maybe we might have to meet sooner so that seth & i can do that!

~i completely understand the "boundaries". it's so difficult when people, who don't have the same family values that you do, aren't able to respect your time. it's definitely not mean. you & your family come 1st...just another thing i love about you!

have a wonderful weekend!

karen★ said...

um...p.s....i really love that wall! great pictures!

a pina colada said...

I love Tracy Anderson. I also enjoy p90x. It is always nice to mix it up.

Erika said...

First - love your blog! Second, I've been going back and forth on whether or not to purchase the 30 Day Method. I have a few of Tracy's DVDs but sometimes I just get frustrated with her overall schtick. I'd love to hear how its going!

LobotoME said...

Hi Erika - The 30 day method is hard to follow (1 1/2 hours of workouts 7 days a week- from the book and dvd that comes with the book) plus her meal plan which isn't quite right for me & my fam. So, I've been doing her dvd's, some of the book dvd workouts & running...I haven't been following it to a "T." Anyway, if you want some "new stuff" its worth the purchase but for the most part if you have a few of her dvd's and online workouts you are good to go!