{ on my mind }

hey, hey, hey! I'm back! Sort of.... what have I been up to you ask?

Well we went on a 2 week road trip in the northeast (NY, VT, NH, ME), visiting family & friends, attending Will's family reunion, picking blueberries, hiking, eating blueberry pie, more hiking, eating blueberry icecream, swimming, drinking blueberry smoothies, kayaking, eating more blueberry pie, etc... We had a blast but are glad to be home in time to get settled in & organized before school starts the week after next.

Designing & getting ready to launch a new notepad that will be available on the website soon! (sneak peek below).

Renovating an old airstream for some upcoming cross-country family road trips - more on this FUN adventure soon! (sneak peek below).

Sending out 100 press kits for holiday gift guide pitches. (see stack below).

Watching NO TV. I took a NO TV for 30 days challenge and other than one cheat (Friday Night Lights season finale on hulu = 42 minutes, we've been TV free for weeks). See what my daughter thinks of this below. She keeps leaving me notes about how the TV isn't working.

Planning Samme's back to school celebration dinner (alphabet pasta, giant cupcakes, school fairy treats & more).

Cleaning & purging and getting ready for the fall... which I have to say is my favorite time of year!

Redoing the kids rooms - making them a bit more "big kid-ish" now that Henry is in a bed.

What have y'all been up to?


Anonymous said...

oh that picture is hilarious! did the whole family go TV free? I tried to reduce our cable package down and my son totally freaked out that he would be without ESPN. Needless to say, he won as my husband agreed : (

Shannon said...

Hi Jenny,

Congrats on your airstream. I look forward to watching the process.

Other thing.... My son's middle name is Henry. I love that. Gather from here your son's name is Henry? How old is he?

kirwin said...

I can't wait to read more about your airstream project. My husband has been trolling Craigslist, looking for one for us -- we have the same idea to refurbish and renovate the inside. The airstreams are just so cool looking.

Britton said...

ohhhh, I love Friday Night Lights!!!