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1. Thinking a lot about this word (Abundance)...and inviting it into my life. Abundance of love. Abundance of fun. Abundance of dreams. Abundance of silliness. Abundance of time. Abundance of energy. Abundance of health. Abundance of faith. Abundance of $$. Abundance of experiences.

Thinking about school & education....Although we choose to educate our children along the traditional, public school route, we aim to supplement their experiences with rich adventures and times shared as a family. Figuring out how to do both this fall as school looms on the horizon.

3. Love this list of things that keep her happy, grounded, inspired & healthy.

4. Love this article about the link between happiness and non-consumption.

5. Great back to school tips via the lovely Karen of KarinaInk. I still can't believe school starts next week!

6. I must get asked a dozen times a week about how to make green smoothies...Check out this video for tips.

7. Love this post about appreciating what you have already in your life.

8. I like this idea of 4 simple goals to do by the end of summer. I'm thinking mine are:
- Get organized for back to school time.
- One more family camping trip.
- At least one more trip to the farmers market.
- At least one more pool trip & picnic.

9. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? Designer diapers? Disposable ones at that.

10. This seems like an interesting experiment...I feel like I'm moving towards this...simple, classic pieces in gray, black; a great pair of jeans that works dressed down with sneakers or up with flats, etc. Even after the closet purging, I still have clothes + dresses I haven't worn in years...Don't we all have too much in our closets?!?!

11. On our menu this week - loads of green smoothies (my garden is overflowing with kale & swiss chard); veggie quesidilla;, kale & swiss chard lasagna; salmon, brown rice & kale, kids back to school dinner (alphabet pasta, alphabet cut veggies, alphabet cupcakes & more).

12. Went and saw Eat Pray Love (a matinee all by myself = bliss)...loved the movie but LOVED the book way more. But isn't that usually the case?

13. Thanks for all of the love about the new notepad & airstream remodel....more info about both coming soon! :)

Whats on your mind + menu this week?

card pictured above available here.

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karen★ said...

~love that card! such a beautiful saying.
~the fact that education is so important to us is why we moved back to Colorado. such an amazing system they have here. but we are really big on our own experiences too...just makes us a better family.
~designer diapers are ridiculous. & whoever made them up should lose a job.
~loving your menu. all that green sounds yummy.
~I'm scared to see the movie! The book was amazing & I'm nervous the movie won't even come close!
~I made one of your lists! Do you have any idea how giddy & happy you've made me? Thank you!

p.s. can i post about your MEpad yet?