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So, I've gotten a lot of questions about the BluePrint Cleanse. You have 2 options: 1) do it yourself - you'll need a juicer, a blender, their book and TIME or 2) buy a package from BluePrint Cleanse and they'll ship the juices (6 per day) to you in a cooler for ~$95/day. Pricey but a NO Brainer.

I opted for the semi-do it yourself version. They have a book with a lot of tips and recipes and you can check out their 3 day cleanse recipes in one of Vital Juice's recent daily newsletters. I used recipes from their book and newsletter and bought 1-2 green juices a day from a local organic food store juice bar (apple, kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger) on days I was super busy. I have a $6 juicer from the thrift store that works but is a b*%ch to clean if you know what I mean. So I dealt with cleaning it 3x a day but 6 seemed a bit too much. I've been eyeing this juicer. I also splurged after my current blender kicked the bucket last week and FINALLY bought a Vitamix (I bought one off of overstock (w/ a coupon code) for a GREAT price)! Since I use a blender more than our stove I figured I should stop talking about it and just buy it. Score!

Anyway, I started with a 3 day juice only cleanse (following BluePrint's guidelines) and have been doing a raw cleanse for the past week and plan to continue through this coming week - Juices, Smoothies, Salads and lots of water. After a crazy busy spring of too much gross food on the road and hospital food and way too many diet cokes, my body needed a cleanse and a jump-start to healthier eating. I feel really good, my skin is clear and I have great energy. For 2 weeks I am also doing this supplement cleanse program called ColoVada which I have done before and had great results with. There is more info about it here but it essentially is supplements and a powder detox drink combined with 10 days of clean eating and 4 days of fasting/juices only (in conjunction with colonics).

I also added in 2 colon cleansing sessions, a sauna session, a detox bath (epsom salt & apple cider vinegar), and a hot yoga class to help with ridding my body of toxins.

The first few days you may notice that you have a headache or your skin breaks out - this is normal - this is your body detoxing. I would also highly recommend not having food in your house that sounds good or appealing to you during your cleanse time-frame. If you crave icecream and its in the freezer you will have a hard time resisting - and may even try to rationalize that if you let it soften it is almost liquid. ;) (just saying). So I planned the families meals with things that I don't really like (halibut, pesto pasta, etc.).

For those of you who think there is no way I can do this or green juice looks gross, I beg you to go to your local Whole Foods or health food store and order up a green juice with the following - you will love it (my kids even gulp it down) - Apple, Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger. YUM. You'll want in. Trust ME.

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kirwin said...

Thank you for posting on this -- I've been wondering about it for a while. I'm definitely going to look into that book.

~ Does the book say anything about exercise during the 3-day cleanse?

~ I know you did this as a jumpstart to healthier eating (after a period of stress and diet coke!) but do you think you'd incorporate this cleanse as a monthly or bi-monthly or semi-annually thing? Or maybe just on an "as-needed" basis?

One last thing: I read that every 90 days, your cells have regenerated. So depending on what you're eating/drinking/smoking, you're either regenerating super-healthy cells or unhealthy ones. I bet your new cells have super powers!! : )

LobotoME said...

Hi Karen/Kirwin -

1) exercise is good during the 3 day cleanse -they talk about yoga in the book.
2) yes, this time i used it as a jumpstart and to decrease my diet coke cravings....i think 3 days may be too short to change behavior but 2 weeks does the trick. i don't crave or NEED diet coke anymore. i think i'll try to do it once a month as time & life allows (3 day cleanse) but I'd like to try to have more juices/smoothies/raw food incorporated on a daily basis as my body feels good. the colovada part of the cleanse - probably once or 2x a year would be good.

cheers, jen :)