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So, the circus (which I dislike very much in general, but which kids adore) and the fair are in town, so this week's family fun theme is THE CIRCUS.
Here's our plan this week:
We are of course going to the circus (after of course a long talk about the inhumane treatment of most circus animals)
Ride the teacups & ferris wheel at the fair.
Take funny photobooth pictures with clown wigs, red noses & silly glasses.
Read circus themed and animal books from the library
Watch Dumbo for family movie night while eating popcorn in cirus bags
Sing this song
Make clown paper plate faces
Make snowcones (with organic fruit juice as the topping)
Water balloon fight
Homemade ring toss (beer bottles & swimming rings)
Whipcream pie in the face (Will has graciously volunteered to be on the receiving end of this)
Raffle tickets passed out all week for little treats
Taped line on floor to pretend to walk the tightrope
Healthy snacks (veggie clown faces, animal crackers, etc.) in cute circus treat bags
Circus coloring pages
Icecream clown sundaes for a special treat at the end of the week!

For even more ideas visit here.

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6512 and growing said...

How was the carnival?
My kids spied it yesterday afternoon as we were heading out of town for a campfire. Poor things lit up with excitement even though we would not be attending this year.
Hope you had fun!