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What do I want for Mother's Day?

World peace? (yes, but that's not what I'm asking for).

Flowers + a clean house? (yes + yes, but that's not what I'm asking for).

note: It isn’t that I can't buy myself flowers or our house is a total disaster, it is just one of the things I’ve given up spending money on as our family tries to find a good balance in a down economy. I used to buy pretty flowers every week and with relief welcomed a house cleaner in to our home once a week.

A day at the spa (heck yeah, but that's not what I'm asking for).

I'll tell you what I want for Mother's Day...is for my kids to know that they are loved. I recently read an article about Michelle Obama and she summed up my feelings perfectly when she said, "I pray that my children are happy with themselves so they are confident and secure in who they are. That's the basis of everything - that they feel loved, and they have an internal peace. Then everything else will fall into place."

Happy Mother's Day mamas!

{ ps - the photo pictured is our Mother's Day gift to all of the mamas, grandmama's and birth mama's in our lives...a great idea discovered via here. I had them printed (8x10) and framed them. super cute, easy and inexpensive. I'm posting this in advance in case any of you are still looking for ideas! }

{ ps - I have an interview up today on mothers of invention. check it out here. }

{ ps - and in case you want to be truly inspired about motherhood, watch this. }


Anonymous said...

love it jenny!!! and a happy, happy mother's day to you!

it was nice to see a post pop up from you! {but no pressure ... }

kirwin said...

{the photo made me smile...}

I thought, "Hey, I recognize that!" I'm so glad you used the idea. {And thanks for linking to me.}

It's so true about Mrs. Obama's words. I often think about what my parents did to raise (4) well-adjusted, confident children. And all I can think of is that I always knew I was loved (unconditionally), and they always told us that we could achieve anything if we just perservered.

Happy Mother's Day Jenny!

PS~Erin said...

Oh, what a great idea!! Happy Mother's Day!