{ random brain thoughts }

so, i'm still sick. yuck. must get better soon or house will implode. seriously, it needs some spring cleaning love. maybe i can convince my mom to come over and get it some connie-cleaning-love. ;) ya, know since i'm on my death bed and all.

anyway, came across some random gems this week...

this recipe for yummy looking morning glory muffins.

this recipe for healthy homemade granola bars

this recipe for some-what healthy vegan cupcakes (did i mention i am practically a vegan these days after watching this film?)

thinking i'd like to become a bee-keeper mostly (okay, entirely) because i want samme to wear this kid-sized beekeeping suit.

dreaming about spring and the garden and being outside in the sun. please, mother nature, no more snow. but if you are going to snow, let me know as i'd like these boots. they may be the only thing that stop me from going insane shoveling anymore.

we don't watch much tv but the new show parenthood is great and the parents backyard is a.m.a.z.i.n.g... makes me eager for summer dinner parties.

MS Awareness Week is next week. Learn more about this disease and consider donating to my friend Tracie's Walk for MS fundraiser.

Totally inspired by Me Ra & her family's journey to a Cambodian orphanage.

Love this post at Under the Big Blue Sky.

Love this and this new to me blog(s).

what's on your mind these days?


Anonymous said...

okay, I love you but all these links to new and beautiful blogs is not getting me off the computer : )

have a great weekend.

sheena said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!! And the great recipe links!! love your blog!

Tina said...

running to take a look at these other blogs... I really loved Jen's letters...posted number one on my blog...found you and her from dmoms. Not much going on in my mind...sleep I am beat.... traveled to a snowboarding race in Jackson Hole WY..its beautiful here! Take a look...http://www.jacksonhole.com

Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention lobotoMe!! lovin your blog design, retro and fun :) so nice to meet you!

karen said...

I love that you posted about MS Awareness Week! I have some plans of my own for it & I love that you are bringing awareness to it. I'm once again so happy to be here today! Thank you Jenny!

CC said...

If Food Inc. didn't push you over the edge, try earthlings.com. I only watched the trailer and that was enough!

Glad to find your blog and look forward to reading more!