{ on my mind }

1) The above pictured little sales kit that was sent out into the world to one of my favorite stores....here's hoping their buyer loves LobotoME goods as much as you all do. {fingers crossed}

2) The trailer for Eat, Pray, Love.... I loved the book and wasn't sure if they could make it into a movie worth making but after watching the trailer I think they might be able to pull it off.

3) This article in the New York Times entitled The Femivore's Dilema. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the term "Femivore" but the noble concept of creating a home, a sustainable lifestyle for our families struck me... a few snippets that really resonated with me. “Femivores expand those of another: feeding their families clean, flavorful food; reducing their carbon footprints; producing sustainably instead of consuming rampantly. What could be more vital, more gratifying, more morally defensible?” and “Is my home the engine of materialism or a refuge from it?”

4) The spending hiatus - gosh, I haven't been posting about it weekly but I am still doing it (other than my slipup last week).... The bottom line is that I can control what I purchase these days for myself much better than I used to. It doesn't mean that I still don't want this outfit big time, because I do. How are you all doing, those of you that are participating.

5) Off to yoga class this morning. To say I need it is a understatement. A lot of personal stuff has been going on this week which I'll post about sometime when I can wrap my head around it. But I have a lovely new yoga mat courtesy of the lovely Tracie to practice on (I'll bring my camera and take pictures to share with you all) which will surely inspire my practice today!

6) Oh and my horoscope today is a good one. Here's hoping it comes true. "The next four weeks are all about you, dear Aries. It's your turn to recharge your batteries for the rest of the month. Fortunately, people and opportunities will be drawn to you inexplicably."

Here's wishing you a SPRING + SUN-filled weekend!

What's on your mind these days?


Anonymous said...

julia roberts will make the movie worth seeing. now I want to re-read the book. thanks for sharing the link. all of us bloggers need to go together.

have a great weekend.

p.s. - the NY time article was great too.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That sales kit looks amazing!

karen said...

So happy you are feeling better! I just know the buyer will love your LobotMe goods...how could anyone not want them to be apart of their store? Have fun at Yoga today! And, I hope the personal stuff is working itself out!

Tonya {Kotori} said...

That sales kit is genius! You know they'll HAVE to love your stuff... good luck!

amy said...

what a wonderful list! the kit is going to be hot off the shelves! GO GIRL. have a great weekend. amy

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to tell you that I bought Eat Pray Love the same day after seeing the trailer on your blog and I *loved* it!! It is funny how I'd seen the book a gazillion times at the book store / library but for what ever reason it didn't resonate with me a couple of years ago. I guess things present themselves when it's the right time! When I was reading it I remembered how you had blogged about "acres of grace" a while ago. :)