{ aahhh...the spending hiatus }

I think I might need to change the name of the spending hiatus. To {the year of mindful consumption}. To {I don't need it so don't buy it} or to {making do with what i have} or to {live well with what i have}.

I know I said last month that I was done with the spending hiatus (and it was a success) and yes, there are a few things on my list of things I'd like to get. But, upon further reflection, they aren't things I NEED. While I would love a VitaMix I have a cheap blender that works fine (albeit slowly). While I'd love a cute new pair of jeans, I have 10 pairs. 10 pairs. I think I have a pair that will work! There are people all over the world (Haiti being majorly on my mind) who have nothing. Nothing. This is what I've been thinking about.

We've also been hit with some untimely repairs (car, new dishwasher after old one died, hot tub died (not fixing or replacing that right now), etc. It seems like we have been burning through money on repairs and replacements lately.

I am doing a tradeshow in a few weeks in San Francisco and I was like, oh I want to get some new clothes (especially after these adorable suggestions) and maybe a new pair of comfy shoes, but then I looked through my closet and I STILL have so many clothes. Even after my ebay purge of 2009. I have lots of clothes. I have comfy 5 year old danskos that will work just fine. So I'm going shopping in my own closet.

I don't need anything. Repeat, I don't need anything. So, I'm thinking I may carry forth on my spending hiatus in 2010. Joslyn just ramped hers back up for the next 60 days. In particular when it comes to clothes and things we don't need. Not because I HAVE TO like last year but because I WANT TO. Hmmm...

So in light of all of these things I'm ramping back up. Full disclosure people.

{ps - but maybe, just maybe.... i'll reward myself with a new pair of jeans after my p90x challenge is over!}

Who's in with ME?

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Anonymous said...

me, I'm in!

I've been buying new things for the house, which we don't need, when all I needed to do was move the furniture around to freshen things up.

Good luck!

Tina said...

....I could not even look at the words spending hiatus...I am taking Dave Ramsey right now...and the GUILT! The guilt is more then I can take. :)

PS~Erin said...

I love all the possible titles you've come up with. They all make me think, and I like that. While I'm not ready to jump on board this go 'round, I'm hoping to be more mindful. We have splurged quite a bit in the past 2 months and are looking to cut back and reassess priorities. I want to really adopt the simplification, less is more, grateful for what I have attitude 100% of the time for the long haul. I look forward to hanging out with you during your hiatus and using your posts as inspiration. Thanks for putting it out there!

Anonymous said...

i'm in, for sure! i just keep seeing things i think i want/need, but then if i let myself have a week to sit on it, i more often completely forget what it is i thought i wanted!

i'm not going on a total spending freeze, to be sure, but a mindful spending time period. i like the idea of being mindful of where my money is going, what it is supporting, and how that affects the world along with how it affects my wallet.

i'm sure i'll post more to my blog soon, but know that i'm most definitely in!

heather said...

i think after all that working out, you more than deserve to splurge on some cute new jeans! :-)

nicole said...

i'm in.

amy said...

I thought about doing it again, but I am such a good place of not wanting to spend that I am afraid that if I put the no factor in then I may flub up. I also have an ikea trip planned on the 19th that I saved up for.

Amanda.Steinberg said...

OMG, I WANT to, but I can't. My 3yo really needs water-proof gloves for sledding, doesn't he? And both kids really needed the new socks I bought them this weekend, right? I know as the founder of DailyWorth.com I should probably be on one of these permanently, but I just love buying stuff especially when I know I will use and enjoy it for many years.


p.s. we're scheduling your eBay post for Thursday.

Maggie Sumner said...

Since my job has become more tenuous in the past week or so, we're definitely in with the spending hiatus (along with the Great Purge!).

Kotori said...

Yes, definitely new jeans after the px90. You deserve it... you're doing so well!