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I've long been a fan of Jill's blog {the good life for less} and her amazing fashion sense and she offered to put together some outfit ideas for some upcoming tradeshows I'd be attending. My booth is filled with LobotoME vivid colors so I needed some outfit options that wouldn't class or detract.

Hello LobotoME readers! I am so excited to guest post for Jenny today on her awesome blog! My name is Jill and I write the blog The Good Life for Less. Jenny emailed me recently wanting some outfit suggestions for upcoming trade hows she would be working at. For more on my wardrobe consultation services visit my Good Look for Less, but for now... let's focus on Jenny!

Her booth with be filled with the fun and energetic colors of LobotoME and I wanted to create a few looks for her that exuded this fun and energy, but that also spoke to her professionalism and passion for organization. The outfits need to be comfortable, stylish, well pulled together... and need to compliment, not compete with, her booth. Of course we tried to stay budget friendly as well. So, with all that in mind... let's take a peak at some of these outfits!

Jenny's only requirement was that all the outfits had to include comfortable footwear. The brown flats are Crocs, believe it or not, and happen to be Jenny's favorite shoe of choice for tradeshows (she learned the hard way that adorable heels don't work when you are on your feet 12-18 hours a day). For this first outfit I chose casual layers punctuated by modern and chic accessories. The bird necklace and orange belt are small additions to the outfit, but help to create a cohesive look.

(sources: Henley Tunic, Anthropologie; Jeans, Gap; Belt, Gap; Cardigan, Gap; Bird Necklace, Urban Outfitters; Flats. Crocs)

For this next outfit I chose a cropped corduroy pant that is both modern and comfortable at the same time. Gold accessories pull the look together effortlessly and I even added a little clutch for later in the day if she is ready to hit the town!

(sources: Cropped Cords, JCrew; Cabled Turtleneck, JCrew; Belt, JCrew; Bangle Bracelets, Forever 21; Clutch, Endless; Flats, Crocs)

For the last outfit I pulled together some classic wardrobe staples, the jean jacket and khaki skirt. Staples like these can make any outfit a snap. Add to them bold colors and fun accessories and you are all set!

(sources: Skirt, Gap; Jacket, Gap; Top, Old Navy; Scarf, Gap; Ring, Charlotte Russe; Flats, Crocs)

Thank you so much Jenny for the opportunity to pull these looks together for you... and if you are interested in finding out more about my wardrobe consultation services, click here. I work with all types of women, whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a busy professional I can work with you and within your budget big or small! Feel free to email me at goodlifeforless @ gmail.com or visit my blog to see past clients I have worked with.

Thanks so much Jill! So much fun!


Dobbygirl said...

Great outfits! You'll look fab!

Jackie said...

You'll be the best dressed gal at the trade shows for sure!

dmoms said...

oh she does such good work. I hope you will take pic's of you in your booth : )

The City Sage said...

LOVE the cropped j. crew cords. they're such an unusual but still sophisticated color.

here's to making the year of the pull-up an extremely stylist one!

tracie said...

LOVE! :) & great choice on the crocs ... my tradeshow fav too!

paula said...

such cute outfits and they are user friendly.