{ ten }

{ My list of 10 things to do in 2010 } in addition to my overall more general resolutions/aspirations.

On this list is to grow out my hair...so I can get it cut (and colored) like this. I've had short hair for the past decade. And most likely will in the majority of decades to come. But this year, by the end of summer, I hope it can look like this.

1. Make Henry's baby book. It's mostly empty except for scraps of paper where I've jotted down notes.
2. Post pictures daily on our family blog so family members can see what the kids are up to daily. Turn into a book at end of year perhaps.
3. Home emergency kit in case my father in laws prediction of the apocalypse comes true. ;)
4. Clean out garage & storage shed and get rid of more stuff. Less is more. Simplify. Organize Will's tools in garage. I would seriously pay someone to do this for me.
5. Complete Mondo Beyondo course and come out of it with my Big Life List.
6. Complete p90x. And do a pull-up or more.
7. Grow hair out.
8. Run the Boulder Bolder.
9. Max out IRA's & kids college fund.
10. Continue spending hiatus (more on this to come).


Anonymous said...

love the hair style. it will look perfect on you. love everything else on your list too!

Amy said...

That hair cut is adorable!! I love even the color in it- too cute!! Great list of resolutions and thanks so much for swinging by. What a pretty, pretty blog!!

amy and ann said...

etting my hair done JUST LIKE THAT soon. I LOOOVE that...so me!how fun. thx!

Maggie Sumner said...

I cut/colored my hair like this in October. Unfortunately, didn't love it. Think it would have been a great haircut without the use of the texturizing scissors. If you have even slightly wavy hair, don't let them come near you with those things (I looked scarecrowish every time I didn't painstakingly straighten my hair--and who has time for that?). And I went totally bleach blonde on the highlights, but didn't really suit me--too light. Glad it's finally growing out! Hope yours turns out better : )

dawn said...

Hi...just wanted to say that I love your blog (and your LobotoME products)! I'm taking the MondoBeyondo class now and it's fabulous :)