{ still i am learning }

This new to me blog (but now a daily read) {i love life} posted about this italian phrase attributed to Michaelangelo that is now written on the board above my desk...."ancora imparo" - which translates to Still I am learning. I love that. Still I am learning. Because aren't we all? I'm constantly amazed & inspired by all I learn from other woman, other mothers, other business owners. I learn how to cook great new healthy recipes, where to stay on our next trip to Mexico, how to manage our family's finances better, how to create a peaceful and creative home, how to be more patient, how to treasure the moments with my family, and more on a daily basis via my google reader. ;) Here are a few treasures I've come across lately....So go make yourself a cup of tea, snuggle in and enjoy. (ps - I'll be reading this over the weekend while I rest my sore body...week one of p90x almost over.)

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ps - our family photo taken for my parents over the holidays by Will's brother Todd who is an amazing photographer in Colorado.

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