{ fit ME challenge - week 3 }

So, I'll be honest here. This week I struggled to find the motivation to get up at 5am. To get going. To BRING IT. There was a huge winter storm. Snow days. Sick kids. Unpacking.

But I did workout everyday. But I wasn't as gung ho as the 1st 2 weeks UNTIL Friday night when I squeezed in the legs & back workout and did GUY PUSHUPS - 10 of them! I always have done "girl" push-ups - and certainly not anything wrong with them. But I did them and did them with good form. Then, I was like, "I can do this! It is working. I'm getting stronger!"

Next week I'm mixing things up a bit (it is supposed to be "rest" week - still workouts everyday but more yoga, etc.) But since I feel like I took it easy a bit this week, I'm going to step it up this coming week and get the energy back! Here are my workout goals for Week 4.

Monday - p90x chest & arms and Yoga class at studio (2 hours total)
Tuesday - Xstretch & Kickboxing class (2 hours total)
Wednesday - Core Synergistics (1 hour)
Thursday - Kenpo (1 hour)
Friday - Core Synergistics (1 hour)
Saturday - Legs & Arms and Yoga X (2 hours)
Sunday - X Stretch (1 hour)

How are you Fit ME challengers doing? GO!

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amy and ann said...

you are doing great! I know this has been hard for me too last wk. maybe this is normal but we are trucking through!!! yea fo ryour 10 guy pushups!! thats awesome. amy

karen said...

awesome! (you put on twitter that you had to workout at night & you called it lame? WHAT) you are amazing girl! keep it up!