{ new years resolution redux }

A post on Decor8 yesterday reminded me to think about how I did with my 2009 Resolutions. So here is my 2009 resolutions & aspirations redux....

{ ME }
:: Rise early in the morning for daily meditation & yoga practice. [5:30AM] - Success for the most part. Some days more successful than others (sometimes for 1/2 hour, sometimes only 5 minutes). Continue to incorporate this into my daily life.
:: Exercise daily. Healthy heart = healthy mind. Success for the most part. But would like to step it up a notch this year.
:: Less work + more play. [only work 3 days per week while Sam is in preschool - everything else will have to wait.] Still needs improvement (aka will reappear on my 2010 list)
:: Practice Spanish. [forget itunes in the car, listen to my spanish CD's everyday.] (didn't happen.)

{ Family }
:: Simple Family Living...slow down, savor more moments & spend quality time together. Yes! Success!
:: Record our life in our daily journal. [just a few thoughts a day on our days.] Getting better at this.
:: Plan a summer family raft trip and winter trip to Dominican Republic. Lots of raft trips this summer with the kids but our winter trip to the beach was sans kids.
:: Weekly dates & more time alone with Will. Really working on this and taking a trip without the kids this winter was wonderful for our relationship.
:: Plan and prepare healthy meals daily. [no excuses for not feeding our bodies with good food.] Yes, we've been eating healthy meals and having tons of meals together.

{ Home }
:: Plan and care for a great vegetable garden and plant more fruit trees. Yes!
:: Landscaping projects [pond, trees, wildflowers, etc.] Yes!
:: Plan for emergencies - create emergency kits for home & cars. Completed car kits still need to do home.
:: Continue to declutter and simplify the rooms in our home. [Less is more.] Yes! Sold over $15,000 worth of stuff on ebay and donated tons of stuff! Still more to go though.

{ Financial }
:: Be debt-free (except mortgage) by end of 2009. [pay off school + car loans.] YES! SUCCESS! Paid off $40K! Now to tackle the mortgage!
:: Stick to monthly spending plan & 8 month spending hiatus. YES! SUCCESS! (Although I did just buy this. oops. May carry the spending hiatus forward into 2010 or look at not buying anything NEW for a period of time and test my thrifty ways.
:: Save $ for awesome month of travel this winter. Started separate savings fund and 2010 we will travel for a month together.

{ Business }
:: Successful event production season. Yes, we hung in there despite lower than normal turnout due to the economy.
:: Successful launch of new kayak company. YES! And expanding big time in 2010.
:: Launch iphone apps for LobotoME pads. No- Looked into it but decided I couldn't tackle that project at this time. But launched an affiliate network.
:: Increase # of stores carrying the LobotoME line. Yes! But it saddens me in a way that most of my accounts remain larger stores, a lot of my smaller retailers are struggling. Reminds me the importance of buying locally.

Stay tuned for my 2010 Resolutions & Aspirations.... How did you do with your 2009 Resolutions?

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PS~Erin said...

I can't read your list yet, but I'm going to on December 26th, or maybe the 27th. I'm not going to let any more "planning" or "todos" enter my brain right now, but I knwo your list is going to be inspiring to me. Looking forward to it! Happy Holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

I love your list. I think you have had a wonderful year and really made some good strides in many areas of your life. very well done. 2009 was a good year for you my friend.

karen said...

This is the reason I read your blog. You mo-ti-vate me contantly.

bendalls said...

I love that your list is not a TO DO list! It is motivating me already!

paula said...

great work! I hesitate to look at my 2009 list, but it's almost a new year for new beginnings, right? oh, and we are debt free too, woohoo!

Maggie Sumner said...

I am inspired to have my own purge=a=thon and pay down debt, save more in 2010!