{ the spending hiatus is still going on...and on...and on }

While I haven't written much lately about my spending hiatus I am still on it. In fact I wrote a guest post over at Daily Worth yesterday about how it's going so far... I know there are still skeptics out there who think they can't do it. But you can. And it gets easier as time goes on.

I even found that at one point, I caved and bought a new bag, and as soon as it arrived I returned it because I didn't NEED it. I had others to use. That money would be more wisely spent on something else. That (the act of returning a beautiful bag) would have never happened before. I would have found a way to rationalize the purchase. Somehow.

Anyway, for those of you who have joined ME in the never ending spending hiatus of 2009 how is it going? And for those you who are hesitant - why not join Amanda of Daily Worth next week for a one week spending freeze beginning October 5th? See what happens when you don't buy things, just because. Let me know how it goes.

And for those of you itching to buy something ask yourselves these 4 questions:
  • Do I need it?
  • Can I get it free?
  • Can I get it for less?
  • Can I get it in exchange for something else?
Topics coming up in the spending hiatus update realm now through year end will include: financial goal setting, a simple Christmas, why I prefer spending plans vs. budgets, a {use up what you have on hand meal planning week}, and how to sell stuff on ebay to bring in extra $ tips.

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Anonymous said...

you know, I am with you. I have just put more stuff out for a donation truck that is going by today. I LOVE days that I don't spend any money.

Money does not define me.

(although, I'd love to go to that photography workshop - old me would have charged it - new me now saves for it!)