{ hoME office }

I do most of my work/work out of my home office...Shipping happens partly from here and partly from our warehouse down the road. I love my workspace - lots of great light, right off the kitchen/dining room area, etc. Samme has a chair and space to do art projects, homework, etc. although we tend to do most of that in her playroom or in the kitchen.

and in the interest of keeping it REAL around here (a picture of my non-domain...the garage).... YIKES. I need the garage to be more like my office above - clean and organized. So this is the project I'm working on this week (in my free time)....what are you working on this week?


dmoms said...

my kids bedrooms. I tackled the craft room over the weekend. You should have seen all the stuff I donated!

thanks for the link in your comment. I have checked out that school - It is out of my budget right now but someday!

PS~Erin said...

Oh, it's so beautiful... Love the light and how organized it is. Ahhhh!

Working on my kitchen floor right now. I can't decide on what flooring to put down, not that it's 1/2 way pulled up.

Kotori said...

How cute and fun is your office? I love how light and airy it feels!

tracie said...

super cute jenny!! thanks for sharing!

and loved the post on design mom today ... how cute do you guys look?!