{ spending hiatus - month 3: week 3 - the food edition }

Not much new to report on the spending hiatus, other than we recently acquired 3 new fruit trees to plant near the creek that runs through our property. {We purchased trees in lieu of celebrating our anniversary with an expensive dinner out.} I also bought the above {adorable} reusable produce & bulk bags, thereby making it possible to never use a plastic bag at the grocery store ever again.

I did raise our food budget up from $100/week to $125. Just to accommodate some of the yummy, fresh food we've been buying. We've been enjoying lots of greens from our garden and the farmers market. {Samme has been eating lettuce and greens straight out of the garden!} We've been savoring the season and feasting on food that's fresh right now. {Eat locally for the tastiest produce, meat, and cheese and you'll be supporting the local economy and local families.} Farmers markets are also in high gear right now across the country. Get to know the growers, ask questions, bring cash. Find a list of local farmers markets here.

And YUM... Berries + a bit of agave + sparkling water + blender = refreshing drink on hot summer days!

ps - The spending hiatus will be tested next week when I am in Boulder but I have lots of fun stuff planned in between work meetings, including a visit to a lavender farm, so my plan right now is to not go within a 5 mile radius of IT and stay busy with experiences instead of shopping. Next week I'll answer some questions you've had about the spending hiatus and our {financial freedom} goal progress.

ps - I've also listed a few more things on ebay - still on my mission to get rid of STUFF.


Anonymous said...

I have never been to IT. Never, I guess I have not lived. That being said though, I have probably saved some money. Holy Smokes, that place is spendy.

The Hip Homemaker said...

I too cannot visit a big city without stopping by Anthro. I just can't, I will walk 12 city blocks just to get to one. Stay strong sister!

I may shoot you an email, as I am interested in trying to sell some stuff on ebay as part of my own purging process that you have inspired me to delve into. For some reason ebay seems very cryptic and overwhelming to me, but I want to be able to make some moola off all this great stuff I just don't need anymore.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

ooh! you're coming to boulder? come see me!!