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A few recent things around blog land that have inspired ME that I think you'll love too...

A wonderful podcast interview with Me Ra & Brian the husband and wife team behind the wildly successful, Me Ra Koh brand. I'm inspired by their creative life vision, how well they work together, how they homeschool their children and take them around the world in their quest for leading what I would call (and what we are after), {a mindful lifestyle rich in experience}. My favorite part is when they are talking about the 3 month family adventure to Thailand and they say that "family isn't an obstacle." Right on. So often I hear from people, "well, we'll travel when the kids are older." NO! Do it now!

Some other inspiration in blogland...

This article about {Having It All} by Erin Doland of Unclutterer.

And this article {Love Life, Not Suff} by Leo Babauta at Zen Habits.
Here's a snippet of it: We buy things when we’re depressed, we buy things for others to show how much we love them … and in this way, stuff has separated us from actually dealing with our emotions, blocked us from truly connecting with others. Let’s replace that lust for stuff with a lust for life.

What's been inspiring you lately?

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paula said...

I must say you are the one inspiring me lately.

Anonymous said...

um, that would be you! thanks so much for your comment on my blog yesterday - it really cheered me up : )

LobotoME said...

thank you paula and denise ~ have a wonderful day!

xo, j :)