{ spending hiatus - month 2: week 4 }

Nothing noteworthy last week (we were busy getting ready for a race, so hard to think about shopping when trying to find time to coordinate logistics for a 3 day stage race, take care of 2 kids (sans television) and entertain visitors from Korea (long story). Anyhoo, this week I did buy a few things that fall under the make life better category...I caved and bought these un-paper towels off of esty discovered via Josyln... I've been trying hard to kick the paper towel habit (hard to do with all of the messes those I love create around here) and I think these will help. I also bought Henry some new bibs and bamboo wash cloths - the kid drools all over the place so I am constantly going through bibs & cloths. Onto the good news, I SOLD over 50 items on ebay and my school loans (private university and grad school) are almost paid off! That will be reason to celebrate. Since you know, I am 33 years old and am not using either of my degrees (environmental studies or nonprofit management)! Gulp. Anyway, I've been funneling all extra $$ towards those damn school loans this past year...while at the same time setting $ away for our kids college in the future (while secretly wishing that they have some fabulous idea/invention and won't need to go to college)...Speaking of which do you have any idea how much 4 years of college will cost by the time your kids are 18? You will freak. I did. Okay, so back to the spending hiatus...I'm still doing good. How about y'all?


Anonymous said...

I can't look at that link - I'm still getting over how much I have shelled out for private school.

way to go on the selling of 50 items! wow. and paying off loans too. so impressed.

PS~Erin said...

Wow. It sounds like you are doing incredible! Selling 50 items, paying off loans, and still saving for college... That is impressive! I did *not* click on your link bc I know it's terrible shocking and I just don't want to know the specifics right now.

Way to go! Going to check out the unpaper towels now. They just might be helpful in our awfully heavy use of paper towels.