{ brain mosh }

A random bunch of things that I've been liking a lot lately...

I've been loving my new clothesline (despite all of the rain we've been getting and the "extra" washings the clothes have been getting out there!) :)

These vinyl wall/floor stickers (the hopscotch one would be perfect on our cement floors)...

Been liking this blog by the folks at Sunset Magazine.

Just discovered this amazing blog entitled {500 pieces of prudent advice for my baby daughter}

Laughed out loud about this Twilight post.

Like this alphabet poster a lot.

Been thinking that I'd like this red bag to come home with me but that I don't NEED it. ;-)

A lovely free download.

Liked this article about the {recession generation}.

Am totally going to do this at the next baby shower I host!

What's on your mind lately...?

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