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So, with the new found popularity of the Fit ME notepad, I've been personally re-inspired to fill it out this week and pack it with workouts...I rotate through fitness routines quickly (slight A.D.D. tendancy in this arena) - one month I'll be all about running, the next month all about yoga, etc. Well, this month's new found LOVE of working out can be attributed to Tracy Anderson's new Mat Workout DVD...the {mat} part of it is slightly misleading as you are only on it for a floor leg & ab routine...but it burns baby! :) I have been doing it every morning from 6-7am! Seriously! In fact I like it so much that I just ordered her Cardio Dance DVD as well {although I've heard it is super technical and if you aren't coordinated in the sense of being able to pick up dance moves, you may experience slight frustration as she moves fast}. I've written about her before, and while she remains a controversial celebrity trainer, I really enjoy her workouts.

Anyway, what are you all doing to stay fit this winter?

ps. for her Mat DVD - all you need is a mat (but a carpet will do); 1-3 lb weights (she says no more than 3 lbs) and you do SO many repitions (50-100's) that you'd be crazy to try it with more than 3lb weights; and a dining room chair. That's it. Enjoy!

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